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Kick your talks and workshops up a notch whenever you want to
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Find just the right strategies to make your presentation or workshop rock.

It's all based on audience psychology and adult learning principles!

Be the envy of other presenters. Create sessions that your audiences will love, that position you as the go-to person in your field, and that bring attendees back for more of your products and services.

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Here's what Jo-Anne Richardson, Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist 
had to say:

"I often refer back to various points of  Rock the Room Lab, because as I  master one area of presenting, I like to go back and continue to  improve. Ida’s membership program was built to support this improvement  elevation… it seems that no matter how many times I go through it, I  learn something new each time.  The high quality learning materials, the  way the information is presented, and the passion that Ida has for  helping her students “Rock the Room” has made the membership incredibly  worthwhile."

These are the lessons waiting for you inside the Lab right now!

 Switching on the 5 Adult Learning Principles (video & work sheets)
  19 Strategies for Handling Difficult Situations (video & checklist)
  Your Pre-Session Checklist
  3 Mistakes Even Smart Presenters Make (webinar)
  Activities to Open and Close Your Sessions (videos)
  What You Need to Know About Your Credibility (video & checklist)

  Handling the Monopolizer (video & PDF)
  Creating Powerful Endings (video & swipe file)

  Case Study: How You Can Easily Turn a Lecture-Style Talk 
into an Engaging Case Study (video & checklist)

  How  to Handle Your Butterflies, Sweaty Palms, and Palpitating Heart (video & PDF)
  PowerPoint Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  Nailing Down the Timing for Your Talk or Workshop (video)
and more

Coming in February 2018...

  My Favorite Group Activity
  Marketing Tips for Your Talks and Workshops

Coming in March 2018...

  How to Create Great Handouts
  Difficult Situation: "They Never Participate" (what to do and say)

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Rock the Room Lab includes these courses

19 Strategies for Handling Difficult Situations
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Opening Activity: Human Bingo
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Rock Your Workshops: Creating Powerful Endings
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Opening Activity: A Puzzling Discussion
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What You Need to Know About Your Credibility
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3 Mistakes Even Smart Presenters Make
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