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Communicate Like A Top Leader

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Leading people in any capacity is an awesome responsibility! 

The communication style you use ultimately shapes your followers' success,
the success of your business, and your own personal success. 

There will always be communication challenges along the way, but top
communicators have strategies or "tools in their toolbox" to overcome 

these challenges and move communication forward – to
everyone's benefit.

If you aspire to be a top communicator, or if you already are one 
but are looking for a few more helpful communication
strategies (or tools for your toolbox), this book is for you.

If you know someone who could use a little help....
well then this book is for them too.

Communicate Like A Top Leader: 64 Strategies Top Leaders Use 
to Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others
 is divided into 8 sections, each of which focuses on one 
typical communication challenge. By using the strategies 
in each section to engage, encourage, and empower others, you'll 
be able to overcome many of the typical 
communication challenges you encounter.

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Section 1
Communication Challenge: 

They Don't Participate in Meetings

Section 2
Communication Challenge: 

They're Not Interested in My Presentation

Section 3
Communication Challenge: 

They Don't Respect Me

Section 4
Communication Challenge: 

Things Aren't Getting Done The Way I Want Them

Section 5
Communication Challenge: 

I Don't Have Rapport With My Staff

Section 6
Communication Challenge: 

They Don't Say What They Mean

Section 7
Communication Challenge: 

They Aren't Working Together As A Team

Section 8
Communication Challenge: 

They Don't Seem To Be Motivated

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Ida Shessel
Ida Shessel
Your Go-To Strategist for Creating & Leading Engaging Profitable Talks & Workshops

Hello, I'm Ida Shessel, M.Ed., and I believe that anyone who stands up to give a talk or workshop can get their message across in a way that engages, encourages, and empowers the people in the room. I have been instrumental in transforming the presenting and teaching skills of thousands of presenters, coaches, and experts – and have taught them how to design and facilitate sessions that enhance engagement, participation, and learning “stickiness” using audience psychology and adult learning principles. 

I can help you too!

I have been a facilitator, speaker, and coach for over 30 years, a professor at Seneca College, and a consultant with an award-winning seminar company. Students in my sessions have come from government agencies, the non-profit sector, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. They are speakers, managers, trainers, VPs, CEOS, coaches, and experts -- just like YOU.

I am the author of several business books including Communicate Like a Top Leader: 64 Strategies Top Leaders Use to Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others.

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