How to Structure Your Workshop

How to Structure Your Workshop

Learn how to build a solid foundation for your engaging talks and workshops! | taught by Ida Shessel

Course description

Do you want to create raving fans who love your presentations and workshops, 
come running back to sign up for more, buy more of your
 products and services, and refer you to others?

Do you want to create engaging sessions that ensure your students
learn, remember, and use what you're teaching them?

Do you want to make a long-term impact on your students,
creating transformations that make a significant difference 
in their work or personal lives?

Do you want to avoid this..?

In this course, you'll be using the Engaging Talks and Workshops Road Map© 
to guide you in quickly building your engaging transformational course
from the ground up. You'll be focusing on the crucial foundational

 first step of the 5-step road map.
Don't worry, by the end, you'll know what the remaining steps are too.

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(originally called the How to 
Structure Your Workshop Challenge)

Your Learning Objectives

By the end of "How to Structure Your Workshop" you should be better able to

 establish the purpose of your session

 identify the learning needs of your participants and decide
 how to incorporate them into your sessions

 decide on the additional information you need about
 your students and how to collect that information

 define the learning destination or outcome for your students

 develop your key points & sub-point

 avoid the 3 mistakes even smart presenters make that create disengaged, 
bored, restless audience members and how to fix them

use a variety of strategies for ramping up engagement that ensure your 
attendees  learn, remember, and use what you're teaching them

Each video lesson has an assignment for you to do so that by the 
end of the program, you'll have all the pieces of the foundation 
in place -- and you'll know how to create an awesome session.

Let's get started!

Ida Shessel
Ida Shessel
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I can help you too!

I have been a facilitator, speaker, and coach for over 30 years, a professor at Seneca College, and a consultant with an award-winning seminar company. Students in my sessions have come from government agencies, the non-profit sector, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. They are speakers, managers, trainers, VPs, CEOS, coaches, and experts -- just like YOU.

I am the author of several business books including Communicate Like a Top Leader: 64 Strategies Top Leaders Use to Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others.

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Course Curriculum

Video 1 - The Power of Knowing Your Purpose
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Video 2 - The Power of Knowing Your Participants - Part 1
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Video 3 - The Power of Knowing Your Participants - Part 2
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Video 4 -- The Power of Knowing Your Destination
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Video 5 - The Power of Creating an Effective Outline
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Video 6 - 3 Mistakes Even Smart Presenters Make that Keep Their Audiences Bored, Restless, and Disengaged + An Opportunity
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