Wow Them With Workshops

Wow Them With Workshops -- 1-on-1 Coaching

taught by Ida Shessel

Course description

Do You Want to Lead a Life-Changing
 Workshop, Talk, or Retreat Session 
Your Audiences Will Love?

A session that has your attendees running back 
for more and referring you to others?

A session so engaging they can't help but learn,
  remember, and use your teachings to solve
 the problems that brought them to your session?

Do you want to raise your confidence, ramp up your 
presentation skills, and boost your credibility?

Do you want 1-on-1 help focused specifically on your 
presentation from an expert with over 20 years of
 experience teaching experts just like you how 
to create and lead engaging workshops, talks,
 and retreat sessions?

Well then...

is for you!


We'll be meeting via phone or Zoom for 1 hour weekly,
 scheduled at a mutually convenient time


We'll clarify your goals for your session. Then, using the 5-step
 Engaging Talks and Workshops Road Map©, 
we’ll plan and map out all the details. 


I’ll coach you and share strategies on how best to ...
get your key points across, engage your audience members, 
facilitate and debrief activities, present yourself, end
 on a high, make a powerful connection with your 
audience, tell stories, ask good questions, get butts in seats, 
use PowerPoint and flipcharts effectively, handle your 
nerves, deal with difficult situations, follow-up after
 your session...and much much more. 


Every week you'll be given an assignment that has you 
building your engaging session step-by-step. 


Enroll now and get Ida's Creating Your Engaging Talks 
and Workshops online program...

It's  the program you need to create audience-loving
sessions again and again and again!

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Ida Shessel
Ida Shessel
Creator of the Engaging Talks and Workshops Programs

Hi, I'm Ida Shessel, and I believe that everyone, yes YOU TOO, can stand up and lead engaging interactive workshops, talks, and retreat sessions.

You have expertise and knowledge that others want, need, and are willing to pay for. You can create raving fans who love your sessions, refer you to others, and come running back for more of what you have to offer. How exciting is that!!

Everything you’ll learn here is based on AUDIENCE PSYCHOLOGY and ADULT LEARNING PRINCIPLES...… important elements you won’t find in other programs...elements that will help you    

 …hook, draw, engage, guide, and magnetize your audiences.

From now on…this knowledge… this understanding… of what your audience members need, want, and like, along with why they do what they do is what you’ll use to confidently connect with your audience members and help them solve the problems that brought them to you.

You’ll gain confidence and skills that you can use today, tomorrow, next week, and yes, even years from now!

Why I'm the Perfect Teacher for This...

Here’s the short version….

I love that I’ve been able to help thousands of experts transform their abilities to create and lead workshops, talks, and retreat sessions. 

I have a Master’s degree in Adult Education and was a professor at Seneca College for 10 years. I worked as a consultant with an award-winning seminar company for 16 years, designing and delivering train-the-trainer workshops at conferences and meetings across North America and beyond.  I’ve had my own consulting firm for many years as well.

To check out my live programs, my blog, and other information about me, go to .

Have questions?  Feel free to send me an email at .

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